Wind power generation field

Gearbox for windmills

Our product design conforms to the ISO standards and the guidelines of Germanischer Lloyd, an international certification body for wind turbines, and has earned a 2.0 MW GL certification.
We are also continuing with the design of gearboxes of more than 5.0 MW.
Our gearboxes are designed to be highly efficient, low noise and lightweight and have excellent maintainability. To ensure the quality of manufacturing, we have in-house facilities for heating treatment, gear hobbing and polishing that are core processes for gear production, and work to accommodate the needs of customers with solid process management and quality.
Please contact us if you are considering the design and manufacture of a gearbox or the maintenance and repair of a gearbox of another vendor.

Applications Gearbox for operating power generator for wind power generation
Power 2000kW Input revolution 17.5min-1
Speed ratio 1/99 Input torque 1235000Nm

Applications Planetary gear reducer for yaw slewing in wind power generation
Power 0.75kW Input revolution 1140min-1
Speed ratio 1/1469 Output torque 9200Nm

Applications Planetary gear reducer for blade pitch control in wind power generation
Power 5.5kW Input revolution 1200min-1
Speed ratio 1/191.7 Output torque 3400Nm