1882 Founded at Yokosu, Omuta Village as an affiliated factory of the Miike Coal Mine Branch of the Ministry of Public Works, engaged in the manufacture and repair of coal mining equipment
1889 Affiliated with Miike Coal Mine when management of the mine was transferred to Mitsui
1896 Plant relocated to Asahimachi, Omuta for expansion and upgrade
1959 Spun off from Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd. to become Mitsui Miike Machinery Co., Ltd. (Paid-in capital: 500 million yen)
1962 Capital increased to 1 billion yen
1965 Toyo Precision Press Kogyo Co., Ltd. established. Became pioneer in fine blanking processing in Japan
Development of bucket wheel type reclaimer
1966 Completion of the first Road Header S40
1972 Port factory completed in Shinkomachi, Omuta. Design and manufacture of material handling machinery
1975 Completion of the first planetary reduction gearbox
1983 Development of twin header
1996 Miike Works acquires ISO 9001 certification
2005 Integration of Toyo Precision Press Kogyo Co., Ltd., and Sun Mold Co., Ltd.
2007 Miike Works relocated from Asahimachi to Shinkomachi, Omuta. Name changed to Kyushu Works
2011 Development of seabed mining element testing machine
2013 Order received for the first small hydroelectric power generation system
Started selling electricity by installing solar power generation equipment at Kyushu Works
Installation of load testing system for wind power generator gearboxes
Power Transmission Division at Kyushu Works acquires ISO 14001 certification
2014 Order received for coal handling system for Vostochny Port, Russia
2015 Fine-Blanking Industry Division at Kanagawa Works acquires ISO 14001 certification
2016 Extension and major renovation of Hayamaryo, a singles' dormitory in Omuta
2019 60th anniversary of establishment
2020 Completion of Kyushu Works Technology Development Center
2021 Kanagawa Works new factory completed