We recognize the importance of addressing global environmental issues, and will strive to preserve and harmonize the global environment and reduce environmental impact, thereby helping to create a prosperous society that can develop sustainably.

Efforts to reduce environmental impact through business activities

In 2013, we received an order for our first small-scale hydroelectric power generation system. In the same year, we installed a load testing system for wind power generator gearboxes, marking our first foray into the renewable energy fields of small-scale hydroelectric power and wind power. In recent years, we have been helping to reduce environmental impact and create a recycling-oriented society, by extending our technologies into the field of renewable energy, where we have received a series of orders for storage and transportation equipment for woody biomass power plants, and aggressively introducing new products into the market.

Solar power generation equipment installed at Kyushu Works

Having installed a solar power generation system at Kyushu Works (in Omuta, Fukuoka), we have been selling electricity to Kyushu Electric Power Company since 2013.