Material Handling Machinery

The Company handles systems for handling transport and storage of all sorts of materials ranging from minerals to forest resources and industrial waste. Our R&D efforts in recent years have focused on labor-saving and space-saving systems and environmentally friendly systems with measures to suppress CO2 emissions and prevent dust scattering. We are continuously striving to meet diverse customer needs.

Material Handling Machinery Deliveries

Overseas deliveries

U.S., India, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Colombia, Taiwan, China, Bahrain, Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia

Domestic deliveries

Steel, electric power, chemical, cement, ports, paper, shipping, construction, etc.

Deliveries by machine type

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Products Deliveries Maximum capacity
Stacker 270 units 6,500t/h
Reclaimer 256 units 4,000t/h
Stacker-reclaimer 90 units 10,000/11,200t/h
MDM-TR type silo storage system 16 cases 100,000t/unit
MDM-FR type silo storage system 10 cases 7,000t/unit
MDM-RR type silo storage system 3 cases 1,500㎥/unit
Slewing screw type silo storage system 14 cases 13,000㎥/unit
SR type dome storage system 1 case 150,000t/unit
Storage system using hopper-feeder-type gable roof building 3 cases 150,000t/unit
Vertical Belt Conveyor 95 units 2,000t/h
Pipe Belt Conveyor 75 units 1,800t/h
Self-Loading and Unloading System 25 sets 4,000t/h
Ship Loader 55 units 6,000t/h
Continuous Ship Unloader of Bucket Elevator Type 7 units 2,800t/h