Belt Conveyor System

Vertical Belt Conveyor

It is a conveyor that can continuously transport the materials handled to the required height in a vertical or steep inclination by compressing the materials between two belts like a sandwich.


Vertical Belt Conveyor

The vertical belt conveyor is capable of conveying the materials handled vertically or in a steep inclination by compressing the materials between two belts like a sandwich. It helps make effective use of the site and saves space. In addition, maintenance is simple.

Applications Conveying materials at sites with limited space
Materials handled Wood pellets, chips, coal, limestone, iron ore, petroleum coke, RDF, sediment, granules, gypsum, cut tires
Number of units delivered 95 units
Capacity Maximum capacity: 2,000t/h
Maximum lifting height: 57.4m


Feature 01Effective use of site and space-saving

Enables effective use of the land because materials can be conveyed vertically.

Feature 02High reliability and simplified maintenance

There is little adhesion and limited trouble caused by reduced carrying capacity or chain cutting. In addition, the limited amount of waste means cleaning needs to be done less frequently.

Feature 03Easy cleaning with normal belt

With special belts such as those with sand walls, belts with crosspieces, and belts with fins, which are used in conventional vertical conveyors, it is difficult to clean off any attached objects and they have drawbacks such as a short life and high belt prices. On the other hand, this conveyor uses regular non-special belts, making cleaning easier.

  • Enables low noise and low vibration
  • Prevents dust scattering and spillage


Overview of Vertical Belt Conveyor

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