We will continue to listen to our customers
in order to maintain customer satisfaction,
through a support system that ensures product reliability and peace of mind.

Support system ensuring product reliability and peace of mind

We will keep on monitoring products with long-life designs through our full support system.

Customer ← Sales Support Design/manufacture Quick response to unexpected problems

  • Overhaul of large industrial machinery
  • Please consult with us about updates and compatibility of other companies' products.

Manufacturing never ends, for customer satisfaction

Through our products, we support the safety and security of our customers' operations and continue trying to improve lifecycle costs.

→ Long-life design → Detailed operation guidance → Maintenance/inspection → Maintenance/overhaul Parts supply → Improvement proposal →


  • Overhaul of reduction gears, motors, and other equipment
  • Update of conveyor belts and pulleys
  • Renewal of bucket wheel parts, traveling devices, and slewing devices
  • Inverter control and motorization of hydraulics

... Please consult with us first.

Easy maintenance with motorization of hydraulic devices in material handling machinery

We will listen to our customers
and continue refining our technologies using IoT and AI

We will continue our R&D, including efforts at unmanned and automated operations using remote technology.


QWill you conduct periodic inspections?

Through inspection and diagnosis, we will provide advice and support for you to operate comfortably for long periods of time, letting you deal with not only aging products but also your own operational changes.

  • *Inspection and diagnosis is a system in which we provide guidance and, at the request of the customer, perform a diagnosis. Inspection and diagnosis other than that covered by the warranty will be charged.

Schedule for inspection and diagnosis

Delivery → Warranty period → Support through inspection and diagnosis [Operational changes] [Aging] *The warranty period varies depending on the terms of the contract.

QWill you tell us things like when to replace parts?

We will prepare a list of daily, monthly, and annual inspection items.
The maintenance period varies depending on the products used. We will prepare a list of spare parts for each of your products, including the recommended replacement times so that you can conduct maintenance in a planned and efficient manner. Based on the results of inspections, we will also guide you on the best time to replace items other than spare parts.

  • List of inspection itemsIntroduces details of maintenance for daily, monthly, and annual inspections
  • Diagnostic reportPost-diagnosis report on the product’s condition, including its state of deterioration, etc.
QCan you carry out updates too?

Our specialist team with extensive knowledge of our products will make you a proposal.
We will work closely with you on your ideal operations, meeting a wide range of needs from small-scale modifications to renovations including capacity upgrades and renewal, with an emphasis on "reducing risks due to aging and disasters" and "adding operational convenience"

Renewing the bucket elevator part of a material handling machine

If you have any inquiries about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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