By putting health management into practice, we will actively support the maintenance and improvement of employee health, as well as the creation of a rewarding work experience (motivation), and pursue employee well-being.

MITSUI MIIKE MACHINERY COMPANY Group Health Management Declaration

We have responded to changes in the times by providing the market with those products required by the world, particularly in the fields of natural resources and energy, under our mission of “Contributing to society through our business by constantly innovating in management and technology."

People are at the core of achieving this constant innovation in management and technology, which is why we recognize that the greatest management challenge for the MITSUI MIIKE MACHINERY Group is maintaining and improving the health of our managers and employees in order to maximize their performance.

As 5G (fifth generation cellular networks) and other forms of information technology rapidly evolve, we will put health management into practice in order to actively support the maintenance and improvement of employee health and the creation of a rewarding work experience (motivation). This effort will also serve to drive innovation in management and technology more than ever before in pursuit of corporate prosperity through our contributions to society and of employee well-being.

August 1, 2021
Motohiko Nakamura President and Representative Director

Priority Measures (goals)

We regard the condition in which our employees are able to engage in their work with enthusiasm, immersion, and vitality (work engagement) as being “healthy," and will thus focus on implementing the following measures to maintain and improve employee health.

  1. 1.Promote follow-up through face-to-face guidance by industrial physicians for those found to have irregularities during regular health exams and those found to have high stress levels during stress checks
  2. 2.Implement worksite-based mental healthcare (line care) that involves managing supervisors, industrial physicians, nurses, and personnel departments as a means of enabling early detection of and preventing mental and physical illness
  3. 3.Provide health education for managers and employees
  4. 4.Improve workplace environments and stimulate communication by promoting 5S activities and small group activities
  5. 5.Ensure employees have opportunities to exercise through in-house recreation and in-house club activities
  6. 6.Actively utilize health insurance association (Tokyo Kiki Health Insurance Society) health services

Outcome targets

Improved labor productivity, greater employee satisfaction, and rewarding work experiences

Ultimate goal of health management

Achieve the MITSUI MIIKE MACHINERY Group Management Philosophy
“Pursuit of innovation in management and technology and of employee well-being"

Health Management Strategy for Target Achievement (strategy map)

Promotion System

We have organized a Health Promotion Office consisting of representatives from the General Affairs and Human Resources Departments at each business site to implement health management in an appropriate manner. This office will coordinate with executives, department managers, insurers (Tokyo Kiki Health Insurance Society), and industrial physicians.
This office will also coordinate with the labor union to ensure that management and labor are unified in tackling a variety of health-related issues.

Specific Measures

In order to achieve our goals, we will categorize and implement each measure under ten categories.


Hold walking challenge events (twice a year)

This measure is intended to instill a habit of regular exercise and prevent lifestyle-related diseases through moderate exercise.


Provide green salads and display calories for menu items at employee cafeterias

This measure is intended to improve employee dietary habits by offering health-conscious menu items and by displaying calories.

Smoking cessation

Provide financial assistance for smoking cessation outpatient treatment

This measure is intended to further improve employee health by fully supporting employees who are working to quit smoking.

Maintaining productivity levels

Promote naps during break times

This measure is intended to reduce employee stress levels and improve sleep indicators by encouraging employees to take short naps during break times.

Infectious diseases

Encourage and provide financial assistance for vaccinations to combat infectious diseases (seasonal influenza)

This effort is intended to increase vaccination rates and create environments in which employees can work with peace of mind by having the company cover the full cost of vaccinations.


Provide active follow-up on additional health exams for those found to have irregularities during regular health exams

This measure is intended to reduce employee presenteeism and absenteeism, and to encourage early detection and treatment of disease.
We will provide ongoing follow-up on the health of employees by having worksite line managers, in addition to industrial physicians and nurses, actively instruct those employees found to have irregularities during regular health exams to undergo additional exams.


Establish mental health consultation services led by industrial physicians

We have established mental health consultation services led by industrial physicians within the company.
These services will help prevent and treat mental illness among employees by offering them the opportunity to casually discuss work-related stress, family problems, and personal relationships, for example.

Long working hours

Invigorate 5S and small group activities

This measure is intended to further accelerate efforts to reduce unnecessary work and improve work efficiency, as well as to shorten working hours, by further invigorating in-house 5S activities and small group activities.
This measure also aims to create more leisure time for employees in order to help further improve work-life balance.

Female employees

Encourage women to undergo gynecologic exams and create workplace environments that accommodate female employees

This measure will encourage female employees to undergo regular gynecological exams, and will prepare break rooms within the company that are designed with use by women in mind so that female employees can rest at the company without worry when they are not feeling well.
In addition, in order to solve health issues unique to women, we provide both female employees and managers with self-care and line-care education and training by medical specialists every year.

Older employees

Re-inspect working environments to ensure they are age-friendly

This measure will regularly conduct workplace inspections in accordance with the Age-Friendly Guidelines as a means of maintaining workplace environments that enable older employees to work with peace of mind and satisfaction.


Periodically hold events within the company

This measure will periodically hold recreation events ( summer festivals, sports competitions between workplaces, etc. ) to increase the amount of communication between departments and between employees, as well as to improve employee satisfaction.

Health exam/labor data analysis and KPIs

Based on the results of regular health exams and stress checks, as well as on the results of labor data analyses, we have set key performance indicators (KPIs) as medium-term targets. We are working to achieve these targets along with maintaining employee health.

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Health Management and KPIs
Item FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
(medium-term target)
Regular health exam Exam rate 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Irregularity rate 67.5% 67.6% 66.4% 62.0%
Percentage of employees undergoing additional exams 44.8% 50.8% 53.7% 60.0%
Gynecological exam rate 87.2% 91.4% 77.8% 100.0%
Stress check Exam rate 99.3% 98.9% 98.4% 100.0%

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Health Conditions and KPIs
Item FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
(medium-term target)
Total monthly working hours (average) 179 hours 178 hours 178 hours 175 hours
Monthly overtime hours (average) 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours 16 hours
Number of holidays worked per year (average) 10.4 days 9.3 days 9.2 days 9 days
Turnover rate 5.5% 4.4% 4.9% 4.5%
Percentage of annual paid leave taken (average) 63.5% 59.9% 60.8% 65.0%
Lifestyle-related disease BMI *1 37.0% 36.6% 33.1% 32.0%
Blood pressure *2 17.3% 19.4% 18.4% 16.0%
Diabetes *2 8.8% 11.8% 8.9% 8.0%
Lipids *2 34.2% 40.2% 40.7% 32.0%
Waist circumference *3 43.8% 42.9% 40.1% 38.0%
Percentage of smokers 35.9% 32.4% 31.9% 30.0%
Percentage of employees who regularly exercise Employees who exercise at least 2 days per week and at least 30 minutes per day 20.5% 22.2% 27.7% 30.0%
Percentage of regular alcohol drinkers Employees who drink alcohol daily or occasionally 48.1% 46.3% 48.7% 40.0%
Percentage of employees who get adequate sleep Employees who generally sleep at least 6 hours per day 78.0% 76.4% 76.2% 80.0%
Stress check High-stress employees 11.8% 14.8% 16.9% 10.0%
Number of employees absent or on sick leave per month (average) 5.4 persons 9.6 persons 8.7 persons 4.4 persons
Number of days absent or of sick leave per month (average) 37.6 days 95 days 112.1 days 30 days
Job satisfaction 9.3% 9.4% 7.9% 10.0%
Rewarding work experience 12.7% 14.2% 11.5% 15.0%
  • *1Percentage of employees diagnosed with a BMI of 25.0 or higher (obesity) during regular health exams
  • *2Percentage of employees diagnosed as requiring observation, requiring detailed examination, or requiring treatment during regular health exams
  • *3Percentage of employees diagnosed with a waist circumference of 85 cm (male) or 90 cm (female) or more during regular health exams