• Establishment of technology for manufacturing small module gears using fine blanking (FB) press

    A fine blanking press offers the advantage of obtaining a smooth shear surface and eliminating the need for post-treatment. Although this technology was limited in terms of gear specifications that could be processed, the Company took on the challenge of manufacturing small module gears that exceeded the limit of the technology to meet stronger needs in the future. We have established a technology that enables stable punching even when the plate thickness is about 10 times that of the module.

  • Taking on the challenge of advancing information technology for industrial machinery using AI and the IoT

    At MITSUI MIIKE MACHINERY, we are working to develop technologies that contribute to the realization of a "new way of manufacturing" incorporating the latest technologies. Utilizing AI and the IoT to advance information technology for industrial machinery, we create new value in areas such as promoting efficiency and reducing personnel at work sites and having centralized management and maintenance of equipment. We aim to continue being a company that can serve customers' interests.