Material Handling Machinery

Open Yard Storage System


Feature 01No.1 share in Japan

We take full advantage of the know-how we have accumulated over many years, from planning to maintenance, to respond flexibly to customer needs.

Feature 02Capable of fully automated operation from a remote location

By implementing remote control allowing fully automatic operation, the possibility of unexpected accidents can be minimized as much as possible, and the safety of the site can be ensured.
Further, by centralizing control and having a small group of people in charge of a wide area, dramatic improvements in efficiency can be expected.

Feature 03Fully motorized to make maintenance easy

Unlike the conventional hydraulic system, our open yard storage systems, including the boom derricking device, are fully motorized and have dramatically improved maintainability.
In addition, the inverter control mechanism adopted provides smooth movement.

Feature 04Reliable long-life design

Our open yard storage systems have been highly praised by customers for their robustness. We are constantly striving to extend the operational life by incorporating ingenuity and ideas into the design, such as employing a structure to prevent the accumulation of fallen powder in various parts of the system.

Feature 05Additional equipment can be installed

It is possible to install a hopper feeder for fixed discharge by a reclaimer or stacker-reclaimer.
A scraper can also be installed to expand the range of stowage of the stacker or stacker-reclaimer.
Dust collection equipment can be installed on the boom conveyor or another.
A sprinkler for dust prevention can be installed at the tip of the boom.