Outdoor yard facility


It is equipment for discharging materials stowed in the yard.


This equipment continuously scoops the stored materials by rotating the bucket wheel at the tip of the boom and discharges them to the conveyor that supplies them to the next process through the boom conveyor. This product, which enables efficient discharge, is the mainstream of open yard facilities. We offer a wide range of added value through pursuing design and manufacturing based on a control system that integrates machinery and electronics.

Product details

1,400t/h Reclaimer for ore

Applications Discharge of materials from open yard Materials handled Ore, coal, limestone, coke, etc.
Number of units delivered 256 units Capacity Maximum capacity: 6,000t/h

Case Studies

Development of coal shipping equipment at Port of Vostochny, Russia

We participated in the project at the Port of Vostochny, the largest coal transshipment base in the Russian Far East area, to expand the site and build an additional terminal. We developed a set of coal loading & shipping equipment to meet customer expectations and doubled the annual coal-handling capacity to about 30,000,000 t from 16,000,000 t.

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