Stainless Pool and Large Bath

Large Stainless Bath

Large stainless bath with excellent strength and ductility


Ranging from bathing facilities for sanitary purposes to those for beauty, health, and leisure purposes, the Company manufactures large stainless baths that accommodate customer needs by leveraging the technology it has cultivated through the manufacture of stainless pools.


Feature 01Low cost and excellent durability

Highly economic and durable bath that maintains unique and beautiful luster

Feature 02Easy to maintain

Simple integrated structure makes cleaning and other maintenance easy

Feature 03Extensive delivery record for public authorities, etc.

We have delivered large baths made of durable stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm to a number of facilities of the Self-Defense Forces and other government agencies that have many users.


Large Stainless Bath

We design and manufacture large stainless baths that can be used by many people at once.
We will continue our research to respond to any requests from our customers by leveraging our technology based on the know-how we have gained through delivering a number of products to government facilities that have strict quality requirements.

  • Tiled bath
  • Stainless bath surrounded by wood
  • Indepemdemce support bath

Special Stainless Bath

In addition to large baths, we design and manufacture baths according to each customer’s plan.

  • Freely configured bath based on our processing technology and that makes the best of the characteristics of stainless steel
  • High-grade stainless bath lined with tiles, granite or other material
  • Bath with leisure features such as jet and vibration devices
  • Stainless waterproof layer for bath to be placed on an upper floor where water leakage cannot be allowed
  • Independence support bath for hospitals and rehabillitation centers(Movable handrail ・ Partition plate installayion)

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