Head Office and Plants

Head Office

Address 5F, Mitsui Building No.2, Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-1-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
TEL 03-3270-2001
FAX 03-3245-0203
  • The Engineering, Construction, Information System, and Material Procurement sectors etc. are at Kyushu Works. The Fine-Blanking Industry sector is at Kanagawa Works.

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  • Corporate Planning Dept.
  • General Affairs Dept.(General Affairs Gr./Public Relations Gr.)
  • General Accounting Dept.(Finance Gr.)
  • Sales Div.
    • Sales Promotion Dept.
    • Material Handling Machinery Sales Dept. (Material Handling Machinery Sales Gr.)
    • Plant Sales Dept. (Plant Sales Gr.)
    • Industrial Machinery Sales Dept. (Industrial Machinery Sales Gr.)
    • Fluid Machinery Sales Dept. (Fluid Machinery Sales Gr.)
    • Steel Structure Sales Dept. (Steel Structure Sales Gr.)
    • Power Transmission Sales Dept. (Reduction Gears Sales Gr.)

Kyushu Works

Address Shinkomachi 6-15, Omuta, Fukuoka 836-8588 Japan
TEL 0944-51-6111
FAX 0944-52-1397

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  • New Business Development & Promotion Div.
    • Altanus Wind Power Generation System Commercialization Project (Development project)
  • General Affairs Dept.
    • Kyushu General Affairs Dept. (Human Resources Gr./General Affairs & Safety & Environment Gr.)
  • General Accounting Dept.(Accounting Gr.)
  • Material Handling Machinery Div.
    • Material Handling Machinery Engineering Dept. (Material Handling Machinery Engineering Gr.)
    • Plant Engineering Dept. (Plant Engineering Gr.)
    • Control Dept. (Control Gr.)
    • Construction Dept. (Construction Gr./Construction Planning Gr.)
  • Industrial Machinery and Power Transmission Div.
    • Industrial Machinery and Fluid Machinery Engineering Dept. (Industrial Machinery and Fluid Machinery Engineering Gr./Steel Structure Gr.)
    • Power Transmission Engineering Dept. (Reduction Gears Engineering Gr./Motor Engineering Gr.)
    • Production Control Dept. Production Control Gr.
    • Manufacturing Dept. (Manufacturing Sect./Assembly Sect./Production Planning Gr./Facilities Gr.)
  • Fine-Blanking Industry Div.
    • Technology Center (Research and Development Sect.)
    • Production Dept. (Kyushu FB Manufactuaring Sect.)
  • Kyushu Works
    • Quality Assuarance Dept. (Quality Assurance Gr./Quality Control Gr.)
    • Research and Development Dept. (Information Technology Gr./Information System Gr.)
    • Material Procurement Dept. (Purchasing Gr./Acceptance Gr.)
    • Fine-Blanking Kyushu Factory (Office Affairs Sect.)

Kanagawa Works

Address Suzukawa 7-3, Isehara, Kanagawa 259-1146, Japan
TEL 0463-92-7611
FAX 0463-92-7618

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  • Sales Div.
    • Fine-Blanking Industry Sales Dept. (Fine-Blanking Industry Sales Gr.)
  • Fine-Blanking Industry Div.
    • Business Sect.
    • Technology Center (Production Technology Sect.)
    • Quality Assuarance Dept. (Quality Assuarance Gr.)
    • Production Dept. (Production Control Sect./Purchasing Sect./Manufactuaring Sect./Shipping & Inspection Sect.)


Osaka Branch

Address 12F, Shinanobashi Mitsui Building, Utsubo-honmachi 1-11-7, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550 0004, Japan
TEL 06-6448-6851
FAX 06-6441-6537

Fukuoka Branch

Address 7F, Hakata Mitsui Building No.2, Tenyamachi 1-35, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0025, Japan
TEL 092-271-8871
FAX 092-271-0653