We will create a work environment where all employees, who form the core of our management resources and are responsible for our sustainable development, can work with peace of mind, both physically and mentally, and maximize their abilities. We will also further refine their abilities through our human resources training system and pass them on to the next generation.

Creating a healthy workplace

We hold hygiene lectures by industrial physicians and other measures such as stress checks, with the aim of actively managing the physical and mental health of our employees and creating a comfortable workplace.

Work-life balance

Various leave systems

  • Annual paid leave (Annual paid holidays granted after joining the company)
  • Accumulated annual leave (Expiring annual paid leave can be accumulated separately and used in the case of personal injury or illness)
  • Planned annual leave (A certain number of annual paid holidays set in advance at the beginning of the first and second halves of the year)
  • Memorial leave (Holidays can be taken separately from annual paid leave on an employee's birthday, spouse's birthday, or wedding anniversary)
  • Volunteer leave (Holidays available for volunteer activities)
  • Half-day leave (A system that allows employees to take annual paid leave on a half-day basis)

Support for balancing work and family life

  • Childcare leave
  • Sick/injured child care leave
  • Shortened working hours for childcare
  • Nursing care leave
  • Nursing care holiday
  • Shortened working hours for nursing care

Human resource development

Training system

Our goal is to ensure that employees can continue working with a willingness to take on challenges, by having them undergo a variety of training programs according to their ability level, the scope of their duties, and their own wishes.

[階層別研修] 新入社員研修 / 資格昇格者研修(リーダーシップ研修・マネジメント研修)等 [職種別研修] ビジネススキル研修 / 営業研修等 [語学講座] 英語 / 中国語 [公的資格取得奨励金支給制度]

  • Training by job level
  • Training by job type
  • Language courses
  • Incentive program for obtaining public qualifications