In order to create an employment environment where women can play an active role, and to recruit and train female employees who will be responsible for the management of the company in the future, we will formulate the following action plan.

1. Period of plan

April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2022

2. Challenges facing our company

  • 1.The majority of our female employees are general employees in clerical positions, and the percentage of female career-track employees is small.
  • 2.Career-track positions attract fewer female applicants, especially technology-related career-track positions.

3. Targets, initiatives, implementation period

Target 1

At least double the number of female employees in career-track positions from the current eight (three in engineering, one in sales, four in clerical work) to at least 16.
In particular, make the number in engineering at least eight.


  • April 2019 -
    Clarify the types of jobs in which women can play an active role in our company, and recruit new female graduates of universities and technical colleges as well as women in mid-career positions. (Visits to schools, publicity at company briefings, uploading a special recruitment information section on our company's website clearly stating that women can play an active role in our workplaces)
  • August 2019 -
    Conduct a questionnaire survey on internship participants about our company's image to review our corporate image and PR methods. Insert newspaper ads for mid-career positions clearly showing that women can play an active role in our workplace.
  • October 2019 -
    Review and revise the content of pamphlets for students to increase the number of female applicants in technical fields.
  • March 2020 -
    Review our FY 2019 recruiting activities and, based on the issues identified, set and implement action policies for FY 2020 and beyond.

Target 2

Utilize highly motivated and capable general employees.
Also, create a system for converting general employees into career-track employees.


  • October 2019 -
    Identify individual-based work systems, promote sharing of information on the status of work within the Group, ensure thorough management such as reviewing the division of duties decided by superiors, redefine the duties of general employees and career-track employees, and clarify the requirements for switching (work experience and job performance).
  • April 2020 -
    Expand the use of new qualification categories and treatment for supervisors based on ability, in order to reward motivation and ability.
  • April 2021 -
    Organize and implement a system for converting general employees into career-track employees.

Target 3

Create a workplace environment where women can work comfortably all their lives, and a workplace culture where they can play an active role.
Average monthly overtime of 20 hours or less for all employees, 30% increase year-on-year in annual paid leave utilization rate


  • August 2019 -
    Firmly control work hours to create a workplace culture where employees feel comfortable about going home.
  • August 2019 -
    Disseminate information through training and other measures aimed at managers in order to prevent various forms of harassment.
  • October 2019 -
    Promote the use of the half-day leave system by publicizing it internally, further supporting the balance between work and childcare/nursing care through a more flexible work style.
  • April 2020 -
    Expand the use of the regional employee system, which does not require relocation, to support employees who choose to continue working while having and raising children.