Our company will continue to contribute to the development of local communities by maintaining dialogue and communication with them through various initiatives, not only our business activities.

Community Support

Participation in the Omuta Daijayama Festival

Every year, our group participates in the Daijayama Festival, a summer tradition in Omuta. One of the highlights of the festival is the "Dance of 10,000 People", for which more than 100 volunteers from our group practice hard beforehand, demonstrating the teamwork they have cultivated at work.

Visits from local high school students

We actively welcome high school students to our workplaces. As well as explaining about our company, we also offer a manufacturing experience program and get our younger employees to introduce their work, which gives the students an idea of 'working' and 'manufacturing' and helps them in their future career choices.

Disaster Recovery Support

Volunteer activities after the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes

Employees in our group volunteered in areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016. It was outdoor work sorting debris from damaged houses by hand and transporting it to a collection site by truck. The participating employees all worked very hard while thinking about what the disaster victims had said about their hardships and concerns for the future.
Since then, the company has continued to support the positive actions of our employees, such as establishing a leave system in April 2017 that employees can take to do volunteer activities.

Donations for the torrential rain in July 2020

On July 6, 2020, Omuta in Fukuoka Prefecture, where our company's Kyushu Works is located, was hit by the heaviest downpour in its recorded history. Fortunately, Kyushu Works was not damaged enough to impact its operations, but other areas were devastated by flooding as water levels reached as high as two meters. Our company donated 10 million yen to the city government to assist in the relief of the victims and the reconstruction of the affected areas.