Head Office Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-1-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
Date of Foundation April, 1882
Date of Establishment October 28, 1959
Paid-in Capital 1 billion yen
Main Products Material Handling Machinery Open Yard Storage System, Indoor Storage System, Belt Conveyor System, Unloading and Loading at Port-Terminals
Power Transmission Gear box, Electric Motor, Power Generator
Excavating Machinery Road Header, Twin Header, Others
Fluid Machinery Small Hydroelectric Power Generation System
Stainless Pool and large Bath Stainless steel pools, pool operating floor devices, large stainless steel bathtubs
Fine Blanking
Number of Employees 533 (Group), 461 (parent alone) (as of March 31, 2021)
Annual Sales 26.5billion yen (for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021)
Construction Licenses License issued by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-29) No. 8806
Civil engineering, construction, electrical, piping, steel structures, painting, machinery and equipment installation, water supply facilities
ISO9001 Quality Management Systems (Head Office, Kyushu Works)
Registration No.NQA‐0037A
Quality Management Systems (Fine-Blanking Industry Div.)
Registration No.JUSE‐RA‐763
ISO14001 Environmental Management System (Power Transmission Div.)
Registration No.NQE‐0288A
Environmental Management System (Fine-Blanking Industry Div.)
Registration No.JUSE‐EG‐607
Production equipment Production machinery 8 NC lathes, 12 manual lathes, 1 turret lathe, 5 vertical lathes, 4 machining centers, 9 drilling machines, 1 floor type boring machine, 2 boring machines, 24 grinding machines, 4 milling machines, 27 hobbing machines, 3 slotting machines, 2 keyway milling machines, 5 turning centers, 2 Double-column, 5-face milling machines, 3 wire-cut electric discharge machines, 5 electric discharge machines, 3 coordinate measuring machines, 2 profile grinding machines, 1 gear precision measuring instrument, 1 parallel surface honing machine
Other equipment 20 fine blanking presses, 2 shearing machines, 2 NC gas cutting machines, 3 Various types of cutting machines, 2 bending roll machines, 134 Welding equipments, 2 carburizing furnaces, 1 annealing furnace, 2 nitriding furnaces, 1 heat treatment furnace, 2 sand blasters, 2 blasting machines, 34 overhead travelling cranes (3t or more), 3 welding robots, 1 groove cutting robot, 1 painting robot

Director and Auditor

Director and Chairman Yukitomo Hirakawa
President and Representative Director Motohiko Nakamura
Director and Senior Adviser Hironori Totoki
Director Seiji Sakamoto
Director Katsunori Yoshida
Director Tsutomu Morishita General Manager, Coporate Marketing Dept. , Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Director Motoyuki Kuribayashi
Director Kiyoto Orihara
Full-time Auditor Masahiko Yabe
Auditor Yuichiro Kanda General Manager, Collaboration Planning Office, Corporate Strategy Planning Dept., Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.
Auditor Mamoru Nishiyama

Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Motohiko Nakamura Chief of Headquarter, Material Handling Machinery and Plant Engineering Div.
Managing Executive Officer Seiji Sakamoto Chief Manager, Kyushu Works
President and Representative Director, Mitsui Miike Seisakusho Engineering Co., Ltd.
Senior Executive Officer Katsunori Yoshida Responsible for internal control systems, Control Management Dept. and Public Relations
General Manager, General Affairs Dept
President and Representative Director, NCS Corporation
Executive Officer Motoyuki Kuribayashi Deputy Director, Kyushu Works
Technology Development Manager
Executive Officer Kiyoto Orihara Chief of Headquarter, Industrial Machinery and Power Transmission Div.
Executive Officer Mitsuyoshi Kakino Chief of Headquarter, Fine-Blanking Industry Div.
General Manager, Fine-Blanking Industry Sales Div.
General Manager, Quality Assurance Div., Fine-Blanking Industry Div.