Loading and Unloading Machinery at Port

Continuous Ship Unloader of Bucket Elevator Type

The serially arranged buckets are inserted into the ship to scoop up and unload materials.


This equipment can unload materials by inserting serially arranged buckets into the ship and scooping up the materials. This type of unloader has excellent transport efficiency and stability. Its high cargo handling efficiency contributes to improving ship turnaround time and reducing shipping charges.

Applications Unloading of coal Materials handled Coal, etc.
Number of units delivered 7 units Capacity Maximum capacity: 2,800t/h


Feature 01High cargo handling efficiency with bucket elevator mechanism

Compared to the grab bucket-type equipment’s cargo handling efficiency (0.45–0.6), the cargo handling efficiency of the bucket elevator-type unloader is as high as 0.7–0.75.

Feature 02Bull hoist winch makes carrying in and out easy

By installing a bull hoist winch near the tip of the boom conveyor, rather than under the scooping section, the height of the machine can be lowered, and this helps the machine to keep a lower center of gravity.

Feature 03Adoption of a catenary mechanism

By fixing the collector cylinder for expansion/contraction and contracting the take-up cylinder, it is possible to scoop away the cargo while placing only a lightweight bucket at the bottom of the ship to unload without damaging the bottom of the ship and the unloader.


Overview of Continuous Ship Unloader of Bucket Elevator Type

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