Indoor Storage System

MDM-FR type silo storage system

It is a low-cost system with a simple structure and excellent maintainability. The system is also highly suitable for storing materials with high fluidity such as wood pellets.


This storage system is used to store materials with relatively high fluidity in medium-sized silos. By rotating one blade from the center of the silo, the stored materials are moved to the center and discharged to the lower conveyor.

Applications Storage of materials with relatively high fluidity Materials handled Wood pellets, coal, petroleum coke, limestone, etc.
Deliveries 10 cases (domestic and overseas power plants, etc.) Capacity Silo capacity: 400 to 7,000m³ (320 to 7,000t)
Discharge capacity: 4 to 555m³/h (5 to 400t/h)


Feature 01Highly user-friendly maintenance

The system is easy to maintain due to its simple structure. Maintenance is possible even when there are items in the silo.

Feature 02Good compatibility with materials with high fluidity

The system is suitable for storing materials with high fluidity such as wood pellets.

Feature 03Best cost performance

The MDM-FR type discharge equipment is the most inexpensive discharger available from the Company. Because of its simple structure, not only the initial cost, but also the power of the drive motor can be reduced, thus reducing the running cost.

  • First-in, first-out operation avoids congestion and is less prone to spontaneous combustion
  • Eco structure that offers excellent airtightness and prevents scattering of dust
  • Construction of automatic operation system contributing to labor saving
  • Proposing the optimum silo system based on materials handled and storage capacity


System overview of discharge equipment

Main body of discharge equipment

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