Loading and Unloading Machinery at Port

Self-Loading and Unloading System

It is a system for loading cargo into the ship and unloading cargo off the ship automatically.


With stowage and discharge equipment installed on the ship side, this system eliminates the need for unloading equipment on the land side. We hold a high market share in Japan and have delivered a total of over 25 sets.

Applications Stowage and discharge in transshipment Materials handled Coal, limestone, etc.
Number of units delivered 25 sets Capacity Maximum capacity: 4,000t/h


Feature 01Cost reduction by eliminating unloading equipment on the land side

No unloading equipment is required on the berth side.

Feature 02Completely sealed and environmentally friendly structure

Since the cargo handling equipment is located on the ship and connected to the facility on land, any scattering and falling of waste and dust from the materials handled into the ocean can be suppressed.

Feature 03Highly user-friendly maintenance

Most devices are placed on-board the ship, making them less prone to corrosion by salt and easier to maintain.

Feature 04Reduction of demurrage charges through continuous fixed-quantity delivery

Highly efficient, fixed delivery reduces loading time and contributes to lowering demurrage charges.


Overview of Self-Unloading System

Case Studies

  • Self-Loading and Unloading System for Limestone Carriers
  • Self-Loading and Unloading System for Coal Carriers
  • Self-Loading and Unloading System for Coal/Limestone Carriers (international voyage specifications)

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