Belt Conveyor System

Pipe Belt Conveyor

Conveyor for transporting loose objects by rolling the conveyor belt into a cylindrical shape to prevent waste and dust from falling and scattering.


The pipe belt conveyor is configured into a cylindrical structure to prevent waste materials and dust from falling and scattering. In addition, since the conveyor can be bent and arranged three-dimensionally, the system layout can be freely configured to adapt to the site.

Applications Conveying materials that are assumed to cause waste or dust to fall and scatter or handling items by bending them three-dimensionally Materials handled Coal, petroleum coke, limestone, wood chips, granules, RPF
Number of units delivered 75 units Capacity Maximum capacity: 1,800t/h
Maximum length: 1,603m


Feature 01Long roller life, belt damage prevention

Because the rollers are placed alternately with respect to the roller panel, rollers with a larger diameter can be used instead of normal rollers, making the life of the rollers longer. In addition, this arrangement prevents the ear part of the belt from being caught.

Feature 02Dust prevention (return pipe mechanism)

The use of pipes on the return side lessens the amount of dust falling and reduces cleaning work.

Feature 03Flexible layout

Flexible layout with three-dimensional curves allows greater freedom in placement even at a site with limitations.

  • Conversion from flat belt conveyor to pipe belt conveyor is possible
  • Uses highly compatible JIS standard parts


Overview of Pipe Belt Conveyor

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