Loading and Unloading Machinery at Port

Ship Loader

This equipment is used for stowing materials that have been transported from the previous process into ships via a tripper conveyor or boom conveyor.


It is equipment to stow the materials handled on board a ship. Having a large capacity of 6,000 t/h, our products have been delivered to a number of customers.

Applications Stowage of materials handled onto a ship Materials handled Coal, grains, feed, woodchips, limestone, iron ore, etc.
Number of units delivered 55 units Capacity Maximum capacity: 6,000t/h


Feature 01Large capacity of up to 6,000t/h

We propose the optimal stowage method according to the ship's size and quay specifications.

Feature 02Tailored to your needs

Various materials can be handled for stowage by changing the shape of the tip.
It is also possible to prevent the materials handled from being pulverized.

Feature 03Movable type is also available

We accommodate not only rail-traveling ship loaders, but also mobile loaders which can run freely on a crawler.


Overview of Ship Loader

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