Our philosophy is to contribute to society by strengthening the trust of our customers and providing them with reliable products and services, while at the same time promoting the well-being of our employees.
For our company to keep growing over time, it is important that we innovate in technology while adhering to this philosophy, and implement Quality Management Systems by harnessing the collective efforts of all our employees. In line with these objectives, we have set out the following quality policy.

  • 1.We will establish and maintain Quality Management Systems that meet ISO 9001 requirements.
  • 2.We will guarantee that our Quality Management Systems meet all legal and regulatory requirements and customer requirements.
  • 3.We will make efficient use of all of our management resources in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems.
  • 4.We will aim to improve customer satisfaction, strengthen our management structure, and increase profits by ensuring that all employees implement the Quality Management Systems from their respective positions.

All employees must understand the above policy items and thoroughly carry out activities to achieve the company's philosophy.

April 1, 2018
Chief Manager, Kyushu Works
Seiji Sakamoto

  • 1.We will listen to our customers' requirements and strive to further improve our technology, quality and service.
  • 2.We will strive for daily improvements and thorough implementation of 5S, based on our proactive approach.
    (Proactive approach: Acting assertively and on one's own initiative, pressing ahead decisively and boldly)
  • 3.We will promote "information sharing" and create a workplace where daily activities are done "systematically".

April 1, 2020
Chief of Headquarter, Fine-Blanking Industry Div.
Mitsuyoshi Kakino